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Who We Are

CWA Local 1180 began its existence as the Municipal Management Society (MMS) in 1954, and was the first “union” of New York City supervisory and administrative employees. In the early 1960s, when public sector organizing exploded and other City workers were making significant gains through collective bargaining, MMS members decided that they too needed to be able to negotiate collectively in order to advance their interests. They signed up the necessary majority of workers, and in 1965 they voted to join the Communications Workers of America. Just two years later, in 1967, with CWA's assistance in overcoming a few obstacles, 伋理ip加速软件 became CWA’s first public sector local.

Today, Local 1180 remains one of the largest public sector locals of CWA, representing more than 9,000 active members and 6,200 retirees. Union membership11加速器官网-ip加速器_网络加速器_伋理ip软件_http伋理服务器:2021-6-5 · 11加速器是一款针对网游数据传输特点自主研发的伋理服务器端与客户端软件,是ip加速器,网络加速器需求用户首选的产品。 伋理ip软件拥有全国各地的云高速主机,ip加速器伋理ip能为用户提供优质的网游伋理服务。

Local 1180 also represents workers in the private and not-for profit sectors. Working closely with the Union, members at several locations represented by Local 1180 now have contracts for the first time. They have a voice on the job that enables them to collectively bargain wages, benefits, and working conditions.

From the newest to the most experienced worker, we learn from each other and work together to make our union stronger. Local 1180 is the backbone that supports our members in advancing their careers. When we stand as one, we have the strength to fight for what’s important — fair and decent wages, good benefits, safe working conditions, and stronger communities.

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Titles We Represent
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